Transportation & Weather Information


To the Law School:
The Colloquium will be held at the College of Law (room 160). The law school is on the northwest corner of Speedway Blvd. and Mountain Ave. (Visit the Locations page to view a map.) It is in easy walking distance of the Marriott, and several bed and breakfasts in the area. If you are staying in a hotel farther from campus, you may need to take a cab to the colloquium.

Below are the numbers of three local cab companies:
Allstate Cab Company: (520)798-1111
Yellow Cab: (520)624-6611
Checker Cab: (520) 623-1133

From Tucson International Airport:
If you are not renting a car, then a taxi is likely to be the fastest and easiest way to reach your destination. If you are traveling with someone else, a taxi may also be the least expensive option per person. However, if you are traveling alone and would like to minimize costs, the Arizona Stagecoach provides shuttle service from the airport to your doorstep (and vice-versa). Reservations are recommended.

From Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport:
Flights to Phoenix can be considerably less expensive than those to Tucson. However, ground transportation between Phoenix and Tucson is limited. If renting a car is not feasible, the Arizona Shuttle offers hourly service to Tucson. Reservations are required. Please note: This shuttle will not take you to your hotel. It provides drop-off service only at a few locations within Tucson. Consequently, it is necessary to arrange for a taxi ride to your final destination. Tucson is approximately two hours from Phoenix by car.

Should I rent a car?
Many participants find it helpful to have a car, but it is not necessary, provided that you stay in a hotel near campus. All colloquium events are located on campus, with the exception of the reception on Saturday night, and car pools are arranged for transportation to the reception. However, a car may be helpful for the free times during the colloquium (Friday evening and lunch on Saturday). Also, if you would like to explore Tucson or the surrounding area either before or after the colloquium, a car is highly recommended. Tucson is served by a bus system (SunTran), but service is somewhat limited.

Parking on campus is free on the weekends and there are several garages available. You can park in the garages on Friday, as well, but you will have to pay for parking. Here is a PDF map of the parking options available on campus. Warning: don't try parking on the streets near the law school. All streets around campus are permit-only parking and there is vigorous enforcement of parking violations.


The weather in Tucson in February is quite variable. The days can be quite warm (mid to high 70's) but the nights cool off considerably (high 30's, low 40's). Click here for the current weather forecast for Tucson.
Or, if you want to get a more visual representation of the weather at the moment, you can go to the webcam at the University, that has a lovely view of the Santa Catalina mountains to the north of campus.