Conference Program



Friday, February 22nd-- College of Law, Room 160

8:00-8:30: Continental Breakfast
8:30-8:45: Opening remarks -- Mark McPherran, Julia Annas, and Chris Maloney


Session I

8:45-9:55: Chair: Rachana Kamtekar (University of Arizona)

J. Clerk Shaw (University of Tennessee) -- "Drama and Dialectic in Plato's Protagoras"

  -- comments by Ryan Middleton (University of Western Ontario)
10:05-11:15: Chair: Brad Berman (Portland State University)

David Wolfsdorf (Temple University) -- "Protagoras on the Unity and Diversity of the Good"

  -- comments by Joshua Wilburn (University of Victoria)
11:25-12:35: Chair: Michelle Jenkins (Whitman College)

Naomi Reshotko (University of Denver) -- "Can Virtue be Taught  Learned?"

  -- comments by Lee Franklin (Franklin & Marshall College)
12:35-2:00: Lunch Break
Session II
2:00-3:10: Chair: Julia Annas (University of Arizona)

Keith McPartland (Williams College) -- "Desire, Belief, and Measurement of Pleasure and Pain in the Protagoras"

  -- comments by Emily Hulme (University of Arizona)
3:20-4:30: Chair: Barry F. Vaughn (Mesa Community College)

Russell Jones (Harvard University) -- "Akrasia, Stability, and Epistemic Value"

  -- comments by Michael Bukoski (University of Arizona)
4:40-5:50: Chair: María Teresa Padilla (Universidad Nacionale Autόnoma de México)

Rachel Barney (University of Toronto) -- "Is Socrates Committed to the Denial of Akrasia?"

  -- comments by Mark Wheeler (San Diego State University)


Saturday, February 23rd -- College of Law, Room 160
8:30-8:45: Continental Breakfast
Session III
8:45-9:55: Chair: Mark McPherran (Simon Fraser University)
Allan Silverman (Ohio State University) -- "Glaucon's Division of Goods"
    -- comments by Hugh Benson (University of Oklahoma)
10:05-11:15: Chair: Suzanne Obdrzalek (Claremont McKenna College)
Nicholas D. Smith (Lewis & Clark College) -- "Socratic Metaphysics?"
    -- comments by William Prior (Santa Clara University)
11:25-12:35: Chair: Fred Miller (Bowling Green State University)
Alexander Mourelatos (University of Texas at Austin) -- "Light and Night in the Three Parts of Parmenides' Poem: an Alternative to Gregory Vlastos' Account."
    -- comments by David Keyt (University of Washington)
12:35-2:00: Lunch Break
Session IV
2:00-3:10: Chair: George Rudebusch (Northern Arizona University)
Daniel Graham (Brigham Young University) -- "Socrates' Disciple: The Legacy of Gregory Vlastos"
    -- comments by Stephen White (University of Texas at Austin)
3:20-4:30: Chair: Jeremy Reid (University of Arizona)
Paul Woodruff (University of Texas at Austin) -- "Vlastos on Justice"
    -- comments by Ravi Sharma (Clark University)
Chair: Ginger Clausen (University of Arizona)
Harry Platanakis (Birkbeck, University of London and Koç University, Istanbul) -- "Some Connecting Ideas in Gregory Vlastos' Political Theory"

-- comments by Franco V. Trivigno (Marquette University)
7:00-9:30: Reception at Rachana Kamtekar's house
Updated: 1/16/13